What can my animal and I expect from a Jin Shin Jyutsu® session?

Jin Shin Jyutsu® is about restoring the flow of energy to create harmony and well-being in your animal’s body. There is an information sheet that we ask you complete during your first session. The information we ask for helps the practitioner understand a little of your pet’s history.

  • Practitioner places his/her hands in various sequences on your pet’s body
  • Your pet may yawn, wiggle or stretch as they begin to relax, finding a comfortable position either standing, sitting, or lying down
  • Personalized session tailored to your pet’s needs
  • A state of relaxation is common after a session

How long do sessions last?

  • Animals seen at our office: The first session are 30 minutes in length. Each session is paired with owner care homework for their animal.
  • Animals seen at their location: Sessions are 30 minutes in length. If the owner is present, owner care (homework) is given for their animal.

horsepet“Just a note to let you know how wonderful the session was for my horse. He has been so calm and quieter than ever. It was an immediate turn around in him and my daughter’s horse was triple the change! Her horse went from somewhat dangerous to calm – very calm. She used to dance around to saddle and then the same to get on and was nervous if my horse got too far ahead. After the Jin Shin Jyutsu® session, she was a whole different horse. This is a very useful practice for both animals and humans. I also had two sessions and felt very good and continue to feel so.”
– Roxie

Is it safe for my pet?

Yes, Jin Shin Jyutsu® is entirely safe and entirely non-invasive. Many clients receive Jin Shin Jyutsu® sessions themselves as well as bring their animals for sessions.

How many Jin Shin Jyutsu® sessions will my animal companion need?

The number of treatments needed may depend on the condition(s) being treated, the age of the animal, and its response to the Jin Shin Jyutsu® sessions. Chronic conditions will usually need more sessions than acute ones. If the problem is strictly emotion-based, then maybe just one or two treatments will take care of the issue, provided there are no other considerations. For therapeutic healing when the animal is healthy, a session every three to four months is normally adequate.

When your animal receives a Jin Shin Jyutsu® session, a balance exists between relief from symptoms and also a search for what ‘caused’ discomfort in the first place. The cause may be on an emotional level associated with fear, sadness, frustration, or too much effort. These attitudes could be occurring in the animal’s daily life or as part of their past experiences. It can be compared to peeling an onion: you peel back a layer at a time to get to the core. This is the very reason why every client is unique in their treatment; some layers of the onion peel easily, but others may be a bit slower. Jin Shin Jyutsu® is suitable for any animal and any condition. However, it is not a replacement for veterinary care.

What influences this treatment plan?

The animal’s response to each session, along with the owner’s ability to apply owner care routines to their animals are factors in your animal’s treatment plan.

How do I need to prepare my animal for a session?

Dogs should take a potty break before a session. If possible, please wait to feed your dog/cat until your return home. For other large animals, please have them haltered and, if possible, ready to be cross-tied in the stable.