More testimonials..

“Just a note to let you know how wonderful the session was for my horse. He has been so calm and quieter than ever. It was an immediate turn around in him – and my daughter’s horse was triple the change! Her horse went from somewhat dangerous to calm……very calm. She used to dance around to saddle and then the same to get on and would act nervous if my horse got too far ahead. After the session she was a whole different horse….. This is a very useful practice on both animals and humans…. I also had two sessions and felt very good and continue to feel so.” – Roxie

“I went in with pain in my right abdomen and after having a ten minute session, the pain was gone! It’s like there is heat coming from her hands and it feels so good. I loved it.”  – Peggy B.

“I have taken Jin Shin Jyutsu classes from Gail Okray for years. Last winter, my 9 year old grandson was sent home from school with the swine flu. He developed a fever of 104. My daughter called me from her home in Crivitz concerned. It was late at night and she was debating if she would take him to the emergency room. My concern was what could they do for him. I gave her some information from the classes I took for her to try first before going to the ER. My daughter was more than willing to try something to bring the fever down (I have shared other information with her to help other challenges). She used her hands and placed them on her son in certain areas. Within one half-hour his temp begin to drop. Within another hour it was nearly normal. My grandson asked to eat and began feeling much better.” – Dave B.

“I took my daughter and grandson fishing about one month ago. My daughter was cranking the boat winch when the handle slipped and hit the top of her hand. The pain was so great she immediately became nauseous. I took her hand within a minute of the accident. The top of her hand was already discolored and had spots of blood underneath the skin and the blood was spreading. I cupped her hand with mine, one over and one under it, and held it. This lasted 20-30 minutes and the pain subsided a great deal. When I removed my hand the top of her injury where the blood had created spots was gone. The dark skin color was gone. The hand was slightly swollen but otherwise looked normal. When we got back to the cabin I continued to hold my hands over her injury. We went to town the next day and decided to have it checked out in the emergency room. Her fingers were a little stiff and tender. The nursed asked her what had happened and because her hand was not black and blue or badly swollen she said it was hard to believe that she had broken her hand. It was a good thing there was an x-ray to prove it. The hand was put in a cast to finish healing.” – Dave B.

“I have used information from self-care classes that Gail taught. I’ve been able to reduce my blood pressure by holding the inside of my arm just above the elbow and have used self-care to reduce blood sugar levels by holding the base of my thumb. I have also used what I have learned in class to help a relative: A young child had fallen and was bleeding from the forehead. While the parents panicked, I simply placed my right hand over the area then my left hand on top of the right. In a few minutes the bleeding stopped and the parent were able to care for the cut. Knowing Jin Shin Jyutsu has really made a difference in my life!” – Bonnie S.