Here I am, four months into my weight-loss resolution. I have been steadfast in my diet and am getting plenty of exercise. Technically, I am right on track. What happened? There is still a tire around my midsection. How can this weight still be hanging on?

According to Eastern traditions, extra weight isn’t necessarily just physical weight. The body holds on to several types of “weight”, such as mental weight (things weighing heavily on our minds), analytical work (the burden of proving a theory), and contemplation (weighing the pros and cons in a matter).

Each type of weight requires a different type of “digestion”. When our energy is used to digest these projects, how much energy is left to attend to the needs of the physical body? When we feel stressed and overworked, we tend to neglect our physical needs and make poor choices. Emotional eating also plays a role in weight balance.

Since every aspect of our being can influence our weight, what’s a person to do? Most of us cannot simply stop being overworked or overstressed. Is all hope lost? Not at all! There certainly seem to be plenty of products on the market that claim to be able to cure whatever ails us, but what if the answer to our physical and emotional weight has been hiding within us all along?

It is known that systems which deal with the body’s vibrational energy—acupuncture, for example—have been fully developed medical systems for over 5,000 years. Similar to acupuncture and acupressure, the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu® Physio-Philosophy comes from ancient tradition that works with the vibratory pathways that feed life to the cells in the body. When one or more of these pathways become blocked or weakened, the result is an imbalance of physical, mental and/or emotional well-being.

A gentle, non-invasive touch therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu uses 26 safety energy locks located throughout the body to facilitate our inherent ability to heal, making it a valuable complement when used with Western medical methods, inducing relaxation and reducing the effects of stress. What sets Jin Shin Jyutsu apart from other energy medicine is its self-help component. Each of us, in our hands, possesses the power to harmonize our body’s energy.

There are several self-empowerment holds to aid various ailments. For example, holding your thumbs can aid all aspects of digestion. By harmonizing the flow of energy through our body, we begin to function at optimal levels, increasing energy, reducing stress, and allowing us to live a vibrant life. If we have more energy and less stress, it becomes easier to stick to our diet and get more exercise, keeping us on track to reach our weight-loss goals. Another self-empowerment tip to help with weight issues is to hold the front of the cheekbone, next to the nose.