Farmer’s Markets

Have you been visiting the local farmer’s markets to enjoy the taste of all the fresh fruits and vegetables available this wonderful time of the year? My herb garden is growing and I am thankful that I have the option to use some of my herbs fresh and dry some herbs for this winter. Have […]

Self Help Tip: Skin & Upper Back

Hold the bend of the elbow. To do this, simply place the left fingertips on the bend of the right elbow and the right fingertips on the bend of the left elbow. Remember: No pressure is necessary; simply apply your jumper cables. This self-help harmonizes the deep skin layer of the body. As a bonus, […]

Weight-loss, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Here I am, four months into my weight-loss resolution. I have been steadfast in my diet and am getting plenty of exercise. Technically, I am right on track. What happened? There is still a tire around my midsection. How can this weight still be hanging on? According to Eastern traditions, extra weight isn’t necessarily just […]